Journey Family,

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) local officials have placed a strong suggestion on public gatherings, and have asked that we limit high attended events. While the virus is really not dangerous to the vast majority of our church, it is very dangerous to some and we want to care for the vulnerable, which in this case, is the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. This is not out of fear, but out of love.

Therefore we are moving all Journey services online and into homes.

As we say all the time, church is not a building, or an event, it is a people. Therefore, we invite you to join us at: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm on our Facebook page or our Online Campus at

We will have Journey staff present to pray, chat, and serve you at each of those online services. This Sunday we are asking you to gather with your Journey Community, open your home to family and friends, and be the church.


At this point, we are still encouraging people to meet in homes for small groups and we will still have our men’s and woman’s large groups as we feel that, because of their size, that they are safe to continue meeting.

Next GEN:

Parents: Kids videos and conversations guides will be posted on our website

Journey Students will move online at 7:00 Wednesday Night.

Student groups will still happen in video groups. Check our student page at for updates.

Follow Instagram @gojstudents @gojourneykids for updates and resource


The words God has been giving us are “mobilize” and “opportunity”. Services may not be in the building this weekend but we will continue to assess the direct and active needs in our local community to serve in the best way possible. Here are some of our current opportunities.

Global partners are currently on the ground across the US distributing medical supplies, hand sanitizer and other relief supplies to the most affected areas.

Currently, we are working with our Emergency Operations Center to find out the immediate needs of our local schools and community. As soon as they “activate” we will know the needs as they come in, and we are in constant communications with them. Once this happens, needs will be big and we will establish the best plan to impact our community.

The generosity of the people of the church helps create more opportunities for people to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and there is no greater impact we could make together. Because of your kindness and generosity, we are able to do more in our community. The best place to honor God with your giving is at

For this time, our methods might have to change, but our mission will not.

Take care and we will see you all Sunday online,

Pastor Scott
Lead Pastor