Pastor Scott Baugh

Pastor Scott Baugh was born and raised in South Florida. After God changed his life in so many ways, he felt the desire to devote his life to help other people experience God’s love, grace, and to help them become the people God created them to be. He and his wife Raquel, decided to start a small group in their home. Little did they know that God would one day turn that small group into what is now Journey Church. They decided to sell their business’s and in 2003 launch Journey Church. They never could have imagined the movement it has become today, impacting 1000’s of people acrossmultiple locations in south Florida. Pastor Scott sits on the lead team of Church united, which is a community of 70 churches that work together to impact palm beach county, and he is the Founder of Sponsor Care, which provides the education, food and clothing to over 800 children in Haiti. ( Pastor Scott and his wife Raquel serve at Journey Church as volunteers and take no salary from the church.