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Thank you for considering employment at Journey Church.

One goal in HR is to find and hire great employees. We look for four qualities when hiring: character, culture, competency, and chemistry. We strive to find people who are of good character, walking with Christ, and on board with our culture. Culture refers to how well they understand what we do and how well they partner with us to continue the vision. Competency refers to the ability to do the job at hand. Chemistry means clicking with the manager and other team members.

Listings remain posted throughout the interview process and are removed once the new hire begins their first day of work. Should an applicant’s qualifications submitted via the On-line Application meet our current needs, they will be contacted via email. Those applicants who do not currently match our needs will be retained for up to one month.

Journey Church is an Equal Opportunity Employer. One of the requirements for employment is declaration of Christian faith and agreement with our Statement of Beliefs. Active members of Journey Church will be considered first for employment opportunities.