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We are excited to invite any and all students in Palm Beach County to our YTH Camp this coming summer! We will have a week jam packed with fun, community, and worship. We truly believe in the importance of getting away and setting aside our regular routines to invest in greater things. You won't want to miss the best week of the year!

High School Camp | June 3-7, 2024

Middle School Camp | June 23-26, 2024


YOU can join in on the mission of what God is doing this summer by making an eternal investment in the life of a young person. Our prayer is that no student would be prevented from experiencing this experience due to a financial burden, but we need your help! Will you consider donating toward a students camp cost?

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Camp Geneva is a beautiful 100-acre camp retreat center located in Fruitland Park, FL. They provide housing accommodations, and waterfront access including a “blob”, trampoline, canoes, a pier, kayaks and so much more. The center also provides a pool, beach volleyball, basketball, a zip line and more! For more information on their center, please visit the link below.

Camp Geneva


Camp Sparta is a 36-acre camp retreat center located on a beautiful lake in Sebring, FL. They provide housing accommodations, kayaking and cannoing, a recreation room full of games, and so much more. For more information on their center, please visit the link below:

Camp Sparta
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Common Questions

Why are Middle School and High School camp at different locations this year?

To ensure a unique and vibrant experience for both ministries, we have decided to move High School camp to a bigger facility this year! With our growing numbers and desire to accommodate any and all that can attend, we have prayerfully made the decision to attend Camp Geneva. Both experiences will be executed in the same format as camp last year. We are expectant for another unforgettable week!

What grade should students be registering for?

All grades will be based on the 2023/2024 school year. That means if your student will be completing or just completed their 6th grade year in May, they will attend camp this summer as a 6th grader. Our official move up day for all grades will be in August!

Can graduated fifth graders attend middle school camp?

Unfortunately fifth graders will not be able to register quite yet for our camp experience. We are so excited to have your student start with us in August for Middle School Ministry. Make sure to check our instagram and website for upcoming summer events they are able to attend!

Where will camp be located?

Middle School camp will be located at Camp Sparta in Sebring, FL and High School will be attending Camp Geneva in Fruitland Park, FL. Each will be put together and run by Journey Church, but will be located on the camp grounds mentioned above. For any further information please see the attached links above.

Can my student bring a phone/electronics?

Our heart for our campers is to unplug from social media and electronics and engage in the present moment. With that being said, we will not allow phones or other devices at camp. Students can have their phones on the bus to camp and on the way back, but our leaders will collect all devices once we get to our camp locations and return them at the end of the week. All leaders on site will have a cell phone at all times for emergency contact with your student should it be necessary. However, PLEASE have your student bring a watch so that they are able to keep track of the schedule throughout the days we are together.

What will the sleeping arrangements look like for students?

All cabins will be gender and grade specific. This is to encourage age appropriate conversation with the small group they connect with on Wednesdays at our youth nights. Each cabin will have a small group leader throughout the week that will be lodging with them.

If I have any specific questions or concerns, how can I connect with a YTH team member?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at our email: and we will be sure to connect with you as soon as possible.